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Tajima Software ARTIST PLUS

Embroidery software for the professional embroidery expert

Artist Plus gives you even more decorative stitching effects. This will help you to express in detail and with minimal effort what you want with your embroidery.

Embroidery software for outline editing and digitalization

  • Auto-overlap in interconnected objects

  • Editing/creating custom engraving effects

  • Create a fill that starts from the center

  • Mix stitches with different density

  • Variable density within a single segment

  • Copy a slice symmetrically, circularly

  • Flexible and elastic effects

  • Line engraving

  • Area engraving

  • Adjustable corners

  • Line engraving on Steil segment

  • Random variable density for Satin segments

  • Including LAN license (cabled connection required)

  • 64-bit version of Windows operating system required

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