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Tajima Software COMPOSER

Embroidery software for advanced text management and editing

Create custom embroidery texts in any shape and font. The letters have the highest stitch quality and are created by experienced pattern producers.

  • Use TrueType fonts in either fill stitches or satin stitches

  • Combine ready-made embroidery patterns with optional texts in infinite number of combinations

  • Over 160 specially developed embroidery fonts, edit single letters in a text

  • Use the "Envelopes" feature for different text effects

  • Editing outline files and letters, using parts of finished patterns to create new design creations

  • With AutoDigitizer, you can easily get an overlay on how many stitches an optional jpg image can consist of as embroidery.

  • 3D 3D display of embroidery on garments

  • Including LAN license (cabled connection required)

  • 64-bit version of Windows operating system required

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